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Looking for rental homes in Houston or Clear Lake?  Call Alene at 713-705-9332!

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Looking for a house, apartment, townhouse, or duplex to lease in Clear Lake or the Greater Houston area?  Looking for commercial property to lease?  Look no further, Alene Iutzwig will find the perfect place for you!  No where else in Clear Lake / Houston will you encounter a more comprehensive bundle of real estate services located under one roof!

I have a vast knowledge of Clear Lake / Houston properties.  Let me understand your needs and conduct a computerized search of the area. Armed with this this information, I can provide you with a list of properties to view that perfectly match your requirements.  Whether you are concerned about a short commute, close proximity to dining and entertainment, or whatever your needs, I will provide excellent options to choose from.

Maybe you are relocating from out-of-town, and are unfamiliar with the area.  Houston encompasses a huge rental market, with thousands of houston homes for lease.  Let me
provide you with all the necessary relocation information related to your property search so that your move will be as stress free as possible.  I will personally guide you through the myriad of leasing options available.

Renting is a personal choice, and to many, it provides a certain amount of freedom.  For some, it relieves them of the expense and time it takes to sell a home.  Others prefer not to be tied down when a better job comes along and they want a swift relocation.  For some, it is easier to let someone else worry about maintenance and upkeep around the home.  If renting (or buying) is your choice, then call Alene today:  281-488-7317!

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- Approach your rental search like you would a job search. Be organized and  professional.  Make sure you stand out as the best applicant.  Make a good impression so as to demonstrate that you will be a good steward of the landlord's property.

- Ensure that your references are current.  Contact these individuals in advance to ensure that you have their permission to use them as a reference.

- Make certain that your credit is in good standing.  You can obtain free copies of your credit report to review.

- Obtain the information you will need to complete a rental application:  prior addresses, bank account numbers,  credit card numbers, and a list of references. Landlords will not respond to incomplete applications.

- Consider enlisting the help of a Real Estate Agent to assist you in your quest for the perfect rental property.


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