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Enjoy a picnic with the family on Clear Lake!  There are thousands of Clear Lake homes close to the water for your family to enjoy.
Thank you for visiting Clear Lake Home Sales!  I am Alene Iutzwig, your professional Realtor for Clear Lake City, and the ever-expanding Greater Houston area.  I will work very closely with clients providing the same level of service, expertise and enthusiasm to first time home buyers as well as higher-end, multi-property buyers.  Whether you would like to buy, sell, or custom build your new home, I am here to help!

Buying a home is one of life's biggest decisions! Having an agent that puts people ahead of the transaction results in a positive outcome for both parties. My philosophy is that honesty and Integrity are the most important elements to any successful business.  I am here to ensure that you receive a fair deal.  In fact, I would rather walk away from a sale than leave you feeling that you did not receive a fair deal. 
My business objective is to work on a referral basis only.  Consequently, the success of my business is based exclusively on the job I do for you.

I can help you find the home of your dreams, as well as arrange for any special financing that you may need. As a member of the Houston, Texas Multiple Listing service, I can research information for you on any home that you may be interesting in viewing.  If you would like to see a home, I will work around my schedule to accommodate yours.

My knowledge of the local marketplace, patience, understanding, and constant follow up, are but a few of the key ingredients that will help you make the right decision. I strive to exceed your expectations and your satisfaction is my reward for a job well done.

Call today to view homes in Seabook, Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, El Lago, Pearland and more!



Homes are an excellent investment.  As a rule of thumb, homes appreciate about 5% a year.  However, your rate of return on a home is higher than any other investment you might make.  For instance, if you purchased a $100,000 home at a rate of 5%, your investment value would increase $5,000 annually.  Let's say you put down 10% when you purchased your home.  The result is that you have earned $5,000 on a $10,000 investment.  That's a 50% rate of return.  In ten years, you would have $50,000!  That should be enough to convince you to stop paying rent to a landlord or apartment complex!

There are excellent tax benefits to owning a home.  As a result of income tax deductions, the government is, in effect, subsidizing your home purchase.  Property taxes and interest can be deducted from your year-end, gross income to reduce your tax liability.  For example, if your home loan is $100,000 with an interest rate of 8%, your taxable income would be approximately $8,000 less for the year.  This does not even include the property tax or homestead deduction your are entitled to. 

Owning a home gives you freedom of choice.  Normally when you rent, you are extremely limited on the number and types of improvements you can make.  In addition, it does not make sense to spend an exorbitant amount of money fixing up a home that you do not own.  If you do this, the landlord will reap the rewards of your hard work.  When you own a home, you can make nearly any improvement you want.  Furthermore, the benefits of the improvement are all yours.

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