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10 Steps to Closing the Deal

 1. Needs Analysis
 2. Pricing Strategy
 3. Property Preparation
 4. Marketing Strategy
 5. Receiving an Offer
 6. Negotiating a Sell
 7. Sell
 8. Pre-closing Preparation
 9. Closing
10. Post Closing

As a home seller, you deserve the ultimate in a  professional real estate agent to represent you.  You have just that in Alene Iutzwig.  I promise to provide friendly personal assistance, while ensuring that your needs and concerns are met.  I will provide you with up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace, as well as the price, financing, terms, and condition of competing properties.

Marketing your home properly is essential to making a quick sale.  Regardless of market conditions there will always be competition. I will complete a current market evaluation for your property using accepted professional methods and consult with you to price your home correctly.  Furthermore, I will ensure that your property receives extensive exposure to other real estate agents and the general public.  I will act as your marketing coordinator, disbursing information about your property to other real estate agents through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), open houses for agents, and other synergetic marketing methods.

When you start receiving offers, I can objectively help you evaluate every buyer's proposal without compromising your selling position.  This initial agreement is only the beginning of a process of appraisals, inspections and financing (an area where many mistakes can occur). I can facilitate with writing a legally binding agreement that will  help you to make it through the entire process.

Between the initial sales agreement and closing (or settlement), questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs may be required to obtain financing or a problem with the title may be discovered. The required paperwork alone is overwhelming for most sellers. I will steward these efforts and help you resolve various issues such as these, thus moving the transaction to closing (or settlement).

Real estate transactions involve one of the most considerable financial investments people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today will in all likelihood exceed $120,000. If you had a $120,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a CPA? If you had a $120,000 legal dilemma, would you deal with it without hiring an attorney?  Take the stress factor out of your decision process and give Alene Iutzwig a call today at 281-488-7317.  You won't regret it!




Your house should always be available for show, even though it may occasionally be inconvenient for you.  Most agents will call and give you at least a couple of hours notice before showing your property

Try Not to be Home
Homebuyers will feel like intruders if you are home when they visit, and they might not be as receptive toward viewing your home.  Keep this in mind.

When you know someone is coming by to tour your home, turn on all of the indoor and outdoor lights, even during the day. At night, a lit house portrays a "homey" impression when viewed from the street. During the daytime, turning on the lights eliminates shadows from the sunlight and brightens up any dim areas.

Scented Fragrances
Don't use scented sprays to prepare for visitors. In most cases it is too obvious and many people find the odor of those sprays offensive.  In addition, some people may be allergic!

Keep the House Clean
Be sure and make your bed, pick up clutter, and do not leave dirty dishes laying around.  Keep everything sparkling clean, and be sure to vacuum.



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